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#MtnRanksMondays: Because Mondays Do Not Have to Suck

Yesterday was good, here is a quick little clip from our first activity for the day.  The fishing has been pretty good for this time of year here in Utah.  Hope everyone has been getting out.

This time of year, Utah opens itself up to multi-sport adventure days.  You can ski, bike, climb, fish, golf or whatever you can do outside all in the same day.  This is the premise on which MtnRanks is built upon.  From the mountains to the streams and everything in between.

Our second adventure of the day took us down to the avenues in Salt Lake City.  We loaded up the big bikes and went to hit the trails.  Usually this time of year, the famous DH trail Bob Sled, off the Bonneville shoreline trail, is a river with no lack of mud and usually some snow still tucked into a few turns.  Prepared for the worst and ready to get muddy, we found that the trail is prime and in the best condition it has been in years.  All the rain we have had has melted all the snow and left prefect tacky dirt.

So get outside share your mountain life and spread the stoke.

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#MtnRanksMondays Because Mondays do not have to suck.

The Most dreaded day of the week, Monday right?  Well it doesn’t have to be.

Redington gearIt just takes a better state of mind and the willingness to change.  The crew here at MtnRanks is committed to making Mondays better for everyone.  We hit it every Monday on some sort of adventure so we can share it with you and inspire everyone that Mondays do not have to suck.  If you are stuck at work in your office at the very least we hope our images give you a moment of bliss to escape the mundane.

For this #mtnranksmondays we packed up and hit the road.  We haven’t received any snow in the Wasatch for some time now so the skiing is sub par.  We also were keen to get some shots of our new mens flannel shirts.  We saw the temps in Joe’s Valley (a popular bouldering spot in central Utah just outside Price, Utah) reaching into the upper 40’s.  So we loaded up the gear for a multi adventure day and hit the road.

Within 2 hrs of driving we were there.  First adventure cast a few flys on straight canyon creek.  This creek that winds down from joe’s valley reservoir is what dreams are made of.  Large boulders litter the creek, and the emerald green water cascades through them.  Saying its beautiful is a under statement.  Alas we did not land any fish, but the we caught the peacefulness of the landscape.

Adventure 2 for the day. Bouldering Joe’s valley is epic.  The landscape incredible, the boulders are perfect and the sandstone is so textured and grippy its almost cheating.  Joe’s is broken down into three areas left and right fork and new Joe’s.  This time of yer left and right fork stay shaded pretty much all day and still have a bit of snow.  New Joe’s however is the place to go.  Better concentration of routes as well and sun until later in the day.  We snagged a few routes and watched the sun set on this desert playground feeling, well, feeling Stoked.Redington gear rise 5/6 glacial blue  New Joe's Straight canyon creek, ut Big kitty foot print New joe's Joe's valley Taking it all in #mydogismy best fishing buddy New joe's

You can always find good snow.

ski touring, flannels, big cottonwood canyon, utah, saga outerwear

Sunny days in the mountains are good for the soul

For the last three years Utah has seemed to be on the short list from old man winter.  Its hard during these lack of snow winters to stay motivated.  Long high pressures dominate this once wintery wonderland.  Finding motivation to get out and do anything can be hard.  You just get in a slump and find yourself talking about the good old days and trying to remember what a powder day is like.  That’s when you just need to call a friend and go for a walk somewhere in the Mountains.mtn ranks, flannels, ski touring, flannels, big cottonwood canyon, utah, saga outerwear

The Wasatch mountains always have something for you to do and good snow is to be had.  Today a few of us from MtnRanks decided to go poke around in Big Cottonwood canyon.  The moment we pulled into the trail head our spirits were lifted, we put our skins on and started to tour up through the woods.  The sun was shinning, the birds chirping and the comforting silence of the wild filled our ears.  No expectations, we just went a direction to see where we’d end up.  Happy to be outside, skiing was the last things on our minds.  Shooting some photos and enjoying the sun, we geared up and skied back down to the road.  To our surprise the snow was awesome, creamy and shredable.  So next time you are waiting on it to snow, maybe the snow is waiting on you.ski touring, flannels, big cottonwood canyon, utah, saga outerwearski touring, flannels, big cottonwood canyon, utah, saga outerwear

mtn ranks, ski touring, flannels, big cottonwood canyon, utah, saga outerwear

new flannel samples are getting the miles in.

ski touring, flannels, big cottonwood canyon, utah, saga outerwear

Pow day in the valley of the Deer

If you didn’t make it out to ski yesterday you should of.  Deer valley ski resort received about 12 inches of snow in 24 hrs.  If you haven’t been to deer valley on a powder day its quite the experience.  Not the most challenging terrain, but if you like skiing trees you can literally ski fresh pow for days.  So next time you do not feel like waiting in traffic to get up the cotton woods give it a try.

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skiing powder at deer valley resort park city utah, mtnranks, mtn ranks, giray dadali

Giray Dadali



Where designs are born

People often ask me where I come up with my shirt designs. This is a rather in depth question but I can filter it down to a simple answer. I created a brand that is revolves around life in the mountains. I create the best when I am out living the lifestyle.

Riding bikes with friends, by yourself or just out hiking amongst the peaks during sunset. This is where inspiration happens. It evokes a response and opens the mind. One of the most important parts of my business is for me to go and live it. At times when I feel a creative block I know I just need to grab my bike and ride. This may seem vague, but I really dose not need to be more complicated than that.

So get out, let yourself go and the rest will come.






Been a while

So fall is in here in the wasatch.  The mornings are frosting the roof tops and the leaves are popping.  this means yet another winter is on our door step.  What a year for my company, or yet my companies.  For those who don’t know, my other endeavor is my photo business, where i spend all winter chasing snow and photo some of the worlds best winter athletes.  As the summer season winds down and the snow begins to fly, i grab my camera gear and take to the mountains.  It has been a hugely successful year for both my endeavors.  I am convinced that my designs for MtnRanks would not be possible if i wasnt out living the sports  i rep for MtnRanks.  I believe that both need each other to survive.  Yet one business is more than a one man can handle alone.  MtnRanks is running fast thanks to the help of two loyal friends of mine.  Joel Chase and Seth Meehan, have been spending endless hours at MtnRanks HQ printing all the shirts you love to wear.  With out these guys i would not be able to keep all this goin myself.  These guys are awesome.  As this company grows you better believe they will have seats at the top.  You just never know where things are going to go.  Just have unwavering rock hard ambition, and you can create something only your dreams can fathom.  So in the mean time, check out some of our new hoodies available online on our web site and stay warm on those last few days of fall before it is time to shred some pow.

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