#MtnRanksMondays: Because Mondays Do Not Have to Suck

Yesterday was good, here is a quick little clip from our first activity for the day.  The fishing has been pretty good for this time of year here in Utah.  Hope everyone has been getting out.

This time of year, Utah opens itself up to multi-sport adventure days.  You can ski, bike, climb, fish, golf or whatever you can do outside all in the same day.  This is the premise on which MtnRanks is built upon.  From the mountains to the streams and everything in between.

Our second adventure of the day took us down to the avenues in Salt Lake City.  We loaded up the big bikes and went to hit the trails.  Usually this time of year, the famous DH trail Bob Sled, off the Bonneville shoreline trail, is a river with no lack of mud and usually some snow still tucked into a few turns.  Prepared for the worst and ready to get muddy, we found that the trail is prime and in the best condition it has been in years.  All the rain we have had has melted all the snow and left prefect tacky dirt.

So get outside share your mountain life and spread the stoke.

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