Mtn Ranks is a new soft goods Company for the action sports world.  So many brands link to one or two sports, Mtn Ranks is more about the life style.  We know as the seasons change you put the skis or boards away and dust off the Mtn Bike and start organising the climbing Gear.  The Action world is a way of life, we want to provide a brand that fits that niche.  From the athletes that defy gravity, to the filmers and Photographers that bring us the dream, Mtn Ranks is richly rooted within the outdoor world.  Commtied to quality, style, creativity and the enviroment Mtn Ranks is just getting started.  So strap in, click in, tie in and chalk up, or what ever it is you do and Lets Do This!


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  1. Howdy Gentlemen,

    My name is Michael Hall, I am a young professional as well as a student at the University of Texas @ Austin, Avid mountain climber, Biker, Boarding( no snow so skate and LBoarding), I actually heard of ya’ll while Hiking and reaching the summit Mt. Olympus, in Washington state, and here again today i was reminded from a practicality stand point. Leaving the office for lunch I hopped on my trek and face planted) of the lack of quality clothing in my city, let alone state. This unfortunately stone age attitude towards active, outgoing, lifestyles leads me to believe that Austin is the Place for this revolution of clothing, fresh powder waiting to be carved. If possible i would love to get your name out in any way possible, anything would be appreciated, as I believe once the versatility is illustrated from products the fan-base will follow. If Anything I just wanted to thank ya’ll for quality material, I am much obliged for this rare characteristic, one that is not found most abundantly these days.

    Good Shit Gentlemen, Keep up the good Work

    Michael Hall

    • Hey Michael,

      Glad you like our stuff, and thanks for the props. Would love to talk about spreading the word down in texas. If you have any ideas please send them our way. In the mean time email me your address and shirt size. Ross@mtnranks.com

  2. Hi!
    I found a video on wimp.com with your company logo featuring Lily, a rat terrier! It is an excellent video – makes me smile every time I watch it!
    I have two rat terriers myself who are abut the same size as she is and I am trying to find details on the harness she was wearing in the video. Do you have any information you could provide as to brand or where it was purchased that might help me track it down?

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

      • I’m thinking about picking up that harness for my Jack Russell but I don’t know if I need the XXS or XS size, would you happen to know what size she is wearing? Mine appears to be identical to Lily’s size.

      • She is wearing a xs They are great harnesses. The sizing guide on the web site works great. Just measure the dogs chest behind their front legs.

      • Wow, fast reply thanks, Yeah going by the guide my dog fits both the XXS (12-17″) and XS (17-24″) as she’s 17″ girth, going by how well the XS fits Lily, I’ll try that out.

      • Yeah the xs will be a better fit. If you went with the xxs and adjust the harness all the way out it will not have as much support.

      • Just got notified of your reply today! Ack! Sorry for not replying sooner!

        Thanks for the web link. I am definitely going to acquire a couple of those for my doggies! They look so comfortable and the handle is a fantastic addition – rarely needed but so handy for the little guys!

        My two are my famale Millie who is 13 years old and my little man Mowzer who just turned 4 in December. Mowzer has Lily’s energy which is why it was so fun to watch her in the video! Look forward to seeing more of her antics in a future video, mayhap!?

        Take care,

      • Well I went ahead and ordered the XXS for my girl, I went to Rock Creek in Chattanooga TN they had the XS one, I tried it on her, the mid and rear straps were fine (although as tight as they could go) but I just couldn’t get all the play out of the upper neck tri-strap, and the whole harness went pretty far on her back, I compared the image I took of it on her with the video of Lily and it appears Lily may be a little bit bigger than my Jack

        pic of Zoey

  3. Hi – just wanted to say seeing your video on wimp.com of you and your beautiful dog Lily has reduced my husband and I to tears – she is a truly lovely dog and clearly adores fun, especially chasing your bike!

    We love our rescue dog, Sam (who enjoys fighting rocks, too!), so much and this really touched our hearts – good luck with whatever you do and treasure your bond with Lily.

    Mr and Mrs Duke, England xx

  4. WOW! I have two awesome Toy Fox Terriers, PIP and Roo! I have watched, shared and emailed your amazing video around to all my dog agility friends. Lily is fabulous, trained well, and the bond is beautiful. Good luck will always be with you. Carry on, Nancy Louise

    ps. Ruff wear will love you too, I am ordering harnesses.
    they look great!!!!

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