12 thoughts on “Lily MtnRanks Mascot

  1. Can’t get enough of this vid – for so many reasons……everything is put together perfectly and is very inspirational. ‘Bestest’ bit….the way you look down at Lily right at the end….love it!

  2. This is such a cool video! Everything about it is great! Lily looks like she is really enjoying herself! Looks like a great place to bike!

  3. Hey, Im putting together some rolling film as a backdrop for an event… trying to find out where i can get permission to add in Lilys vid. Dont want to just go ahead and use without asking… Its a public event in the UK at an arts centre… getting kids to power the videos using a bike generator.



  4. I never get tired of this video! Such a lucky doggie to get to go all out like that – she obviously enjoys it!! Thanks again for sharing Lily with us!

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