Been a while

So fall is in here in the wasatch.  The mornings are frosting the roof tops and the leaves are popping.  this means yet another winter is on our door step.  What a year for my company, or yet my companies.  For those who don’t know, my other endeavor is my photo business, where i spend all winter chasing snow and photo some of the worlds best winter athletes.  As the summer season winds down and the snow begins to fly, i grab my camera gear and take to the mountains.  It has been a hugely successful year for both my endeavors.  I am convinced that my designs for MtnRanks would not be possible if i wasnt out living the sports  i rep for MtnRanks.  I believe that both need each other to survive.  Yet one business is more than a one man can handle alone.  MtnRanks is running fast thanks to the help of two loyal friends of mine.  Joel Chase and Seth Meehan, have been spending endless hours at MtnRanks HQ printing all the shirts you love to wear.  With out these guys i would not be able to keep all this goin myself.  These guys are awesome.  As this company grows you better believe they will have seats at the top.  You just never know where things are going to go.  Just have unwavering rock hard ambition, and you can create something only your dreams can fathom.  So in the mean time, check out some of our new hoodies available online on our web site and stay warm on those last few days of fall before it is time to shred some pow.


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